I knew that loops were a thing. Fruit loops, the movie Looper, and Loop Industries. I knew that they helped and that they made life good. However, I wasn’t clear on all the types of loops as a developer. So, per my love of deep dives on topics, loops!

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There are several types of loops and they each do something different-

If we wanted to console.log(‘Loop’) 5 times without using a loop, we would need to write. …

I have used software like Illustrator in the past and made a few pieces of art with it. The Illustrator tool I have always shied away from.. ran in terror really… was the pen tool. This powerful tool haunted my nightmares, taunting me…

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While exploring web development, I wanted a design platform to help me put my ideas down on paper before starting to code. A friend of mine suggested Figma. This amazing platform helps you design wireframes and design your site before you start your adventure. …

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In order to understand Stateful and Stateless, you need to understand what state is. State represents the parts of the app that can change and render information dynamically to the page. If you add a blog post to a page when you click view all, you like to a page, or see the change in time; all of these require state. It requires changing bits of data.

If we wanted to set the state of a clock we could do so dynamically using this.state = {date: new Date()}.

You feel good about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You have been looking around trying to see what you want to learn next to up your skills. You find React and heard it was created by Facebook to help with their code maintenance. All of this is great but how do we actually get started?

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First, we will need a few things: a text editor (VScode is my go-to), Node ≥ 8.10, and npm ≥ 5.6. Once these are in place run the following in your terminal.

The red screen of terror… the huge ambiguous errors… the mounting fear of “Oh God, I broke it”; as developers, these errors can strike terror in us. Luckily we have the tools to fix it. Our users, however, are left in the dark about what happened and don’t know how to fix it! Pan left, our hero, Error Boundaries, swoops in for the save. Or in some special cases, Dead Pool... It depends on the day.

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In digging in Udemy courses and the React Docs, I found a glorious thing called Error Boundaries. I found this little guy saves some…

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I have been learning about code for a while now and have loved every second of it. Whenever I talk about coding, I noticed (more accurately, it was pointed out to me) that I talk far too much and far too fast about all the cool things I am learning. However, most people in my life are not software engineers nor do they know what I mean when I start yelling “What do you mean it's undefined???” or my “Axios call timed out”. And that’s totally fair, the coding life is not for everyone. …

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I had not considered myself a writer or someone who wanted to teach code. Before coding, I was a Coffee Roaster of all things. I loved every second of it and when I left, I felt a little lost. After some soul searching and some googling I decided I wanted to try coding. I had done some coding in high school and loved it and figured why not try again. The world was ending, so why not right? After a month, I was hooked. This challenged me, allowed me to be creative, and build my craziest imagination. It allowed me…

Aszalea R Calderon

I work as a UX Designer. I adore games (video and board), learning, travel, and personal wellness.

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