Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

I had not considered myself a writer or someone who wanted to teach code. Before coding, I was a Coffee Roaster of all things. I loved every second of it and when I left, I felt a little lost. After some soul searching and some googling I decided I wanted to try coding. I had done some coding in high school and loved it and figured why not try again. The world was ending, so why not right? After a month, I was hooked. This challenged me, allowed me to be creative, and build my craziest imagination. It allowed me to teach. To research ideas. To grow and build me. It gave me the financial freedom to travel as I have always wanted to. It gave me the ability to financially care for those around me. It opened up a whole new world.

The more I have learned about coding, I found I wanted to write.

I wanted to teach others around me about this incredible field. This form of creation has given me the chance to teach and create anything I can imagine. With time, I hope to share some of my insights with you as a form of therapy for myself and a source of education for you. I look forward to this journey together.

I work as a UX Designer. I adore games (video and board), learning, travel, and personal wellness.